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4-Lamp T8 Fluorescent High Bays

Large workspaces require dependable and efficient lighting solutions. A well-lit work environment can translate into increased work performance. At Cors Lighting, we stock 4-lamp light fixtures for T8 bulbs that provide quality, efficient lighting for various commercial applications.

Install 4-lamp T8 fluorescent high bay lighting for a number of applications where significant lighting is important. Install these fixtures in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, gymnasiums, cafeterias, pole barns, machine sheds and other assorted locations that demand an energy-efficient lighting solution. All T8 fluorescent high bay fixtures are manufactured and tested in Mendenhall, Mississippi, and will come with a five-year manufacturer's warranty. Call 217-806-0502 for a quote or consultation today. We offer bulk buying discounts! At Cors Lighting, We Light It Up!