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LED Canopy Light Fixtures

The safety of others should never be compromised. Keeping dark areas well lit, whether indoors or outdoors, is a necessary step to take to ward off danger. Cors Lighting offers LED canopy lights to install in various locations for protection where pedestrians may pass.

Shop for efficient, durable canopy-style lights if looking to eliminate areas of overwhelming darkness. We carry a wide selection of items with various styles of housing, wattage and lumens output. Choose the best fixtures for your lighting plans or application purposes. Our products are ideal for parking areas, entrances, walkways, underpasses, loading docks and recreation areas, in addition to many warehouse and security lighting applications. Most mount easily for an aesthetically pleasing lighting solution that will provide safety where needed. Buy LED canopy fixtures with Cors Lighting for the best lighting solutions and energy savings. Call 217-806-0502 for assistance!

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NaturaLED LED-FXCCM40/50K/DB 40 Watt Canopy Fixture DLC Listed 120-277V 5000K NaturaLED LED-FXCCM40/40K/DB 40W Canopy 4000K Fixture 45W LED Slim Canopy Light Fixture
45W White LED Slim Canopy Light NaturaLED LED-FXCCM60/50K/DB 7085 60W Canopy 5000K Fixture NaturaLED LED-FXCCM60/40K/DB 7084 60W Canopy 4000K Fixture
NaturaLED LED-FXPG60/40K/DB 7090 60W 4000K Parking Fixture NaturaLED LED-FXPG60/50K/DB 7091 60W 5000K Parking Fixture NaturaLED LED-FXLB70/40K 7125 70W 4000K DLC-Certified High Bay
NaturaLED LED-FXLB70/50K 7126 70W 5000K DLC-Certified High Bay SCRT-320 LED Gas Station Canopy Retrofit for LSI Scottsdale 320 watt MH NaturaLED LED-FXHB100/40K 7128 100W 4000K DLC-Certified High Bay
NaturaLED LED-FXHB100/50K 7129 100W 5000K DLC-Certified High Bay NaturaLED LED-FXHB165/40K 7131 165W 4000K DLC-Certified High Bay NaturaLED LED-FXHB165/50K 7132 165W 5000K DLC-Certified High Bay
NaturaLED LED-FXHB200/40K 7170 200W 4000K DLC-Certified High Bay NaturaLED LED-FXHB200/50K 7171 200W 5000K DLC-Certified High Bay