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Halogen Light Bulbs

Keeping smaller areas well lit while maintaining a balanced maintenance budget requires the proper lighting solution. With many types of bulbs available online, choosing the right solution may seem overwhelming. Cors Lighting offers a well-stocked inventory of halogen lamps to assist in simpler lighting decisions.

Buy halogen bulbs through Cors Lighting and save money. We offer a large inventory of bulbs of various wattage and styles. For very specific fixtures or scenarios where smaller rooms require very direct light, halogen bulbs are the answer. They’re a solid light source for those looking to illuminate artwork and other projects as part of exhibits, while also serving as a valuable light source where flood beam angle is important, such as flood lighting and low-ceiling recessed lights. Order your halogen bulbs and enjoy our bulk buying discounts, plus FREE shipping for orders totaling over $99. Or call 217-806-0502 for a quote or consultation today! At Cors Lighting, “We Light It Up!”

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Plusrite 3302 20W G4 12V 2000-Hour Light Bulb Plusrite 3301 10W G4 12V 2000-hour Bulb 5 Watt G4 12 Volt Halogen Light Bulb
Replacement Bulb for General Electric WB08X10057 Halogen Lamp JC12V20W 20 watt g4 12 volt Eiko Halogen Light Bulb 500 Watt E11 Base, 130v
50 Watt E11 Base 130v Miniature Candelabra Screw (E11) 10G4 Halogen Light Bulb 10-Pack Q150T3 150W 78mm Halogen Bulb 10-Pack
QZ100T3 100W 78mm Halogen Bulb 10-Pack 10-Pack of Q100T3L 100W Halogen Bayonet Light Bulbs 10-Pack of Q250T3 250W Halogen Bayonet Light Bulbs
QZ300T3 300W 118mm Halogen Bulb 10-Pack 10-Pack of QZ150DC 150W Halogen Bayonet Light Bulbs 10-pack Plusrite 3416  40w G9 Base Halogen Bulb
10-pack of 500 watt halogen 118mm light bulbs 500W Halogen 118Mm Work Light Bulb 10-Pack 50MR16FL36EXN 50W 12V 36-Degree Flood Light 10-Pack
10-Pack of 50MR16SP12EXT 50W 12 Degree Spotlight Lamps 10-Pack of 50MR16NF24EXZ 50W 24-Degree Flood Lights 50MR16VW60FNV 50W 12V 60-Degree Flood Light 10-Pack