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LED Emergency Exit Signs

When floor planning for any space, it’s important to keep safety and evacuation routes in mind. In order to meet building regulations and codes, the law requires clearly marked exits. Cors Lighting offers a fine selection of LED fire exit signs to install by doorways and hallways, indicating safe passage in the event of an emergency.

Whether you’re choosing to install red LED exit signs or green LED exit signs, we gladly assist in your decision and have a healthy stock of each. We have single- or double-sided exit signs available depending on floor layouts or plans. Plus, by choosing LED exit lights, you’ll be saving energy while experiencing longer lasting bulbs. Keep all buildings, venues and enclosed areas free of danger and up to code with properly placed, not to mention affordable, LED exit signs. Call 217-806-0502 for a quote or consultation today. We offer bulk buying discounts plus FREE shipping on all orders over $99! At Cors Lighting, We Light It Up!

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LED Red EXIT Sign with Battery Backup