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Vapor Tight High Bay Lights

Impact-resistant fiberglass construction and low-profile design come together to make LED vapor tight high bays durable light fixtures for a variety of industries. High bay vapor tight light fixtures provide optimal lighting for safety and security in parking garages, which withstand elements such as wind and rain throughout the seasons. Vapor tight high bay lights are a solid choice for any harsh environment, such as restaurant kitchens, car washes and cafeterias.

VTH LED fixtures are also resistant to dust and debris, making them ideal for barns or any other workspace where airborne dust and debris are common. Environmental factors such as high humidity, extreme cold and sudden temperature changes will not affect the performance of vapor tight high bays.

LED bulbs make vapor tight high bay lights much more energy-efficient than fluorescent lights. If your business needs reliable efficient lighting that can perform no matter what, vapor tight high bays are the perfect fit. Call for us for details!