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Waterproof High Bay Fluorescent Fixtures

The elements of working environments can vary depending on the setting. Regardless of indoor conditions in these environments, the proper lighting applications are often called for. Cors Lighting, based out of Jacksonville, Illinois, and servicing industries both throughout and beyond the Midwestern United States, stocks a fine selection of vapor-proof fluorescent light fixtures for a variety of industrial workplaces.

Browse our page for high-quality vapor tight light fixtures that are designed to protect lamps while providing an efficient source of light. By choosing any of our wet location high bay lighting fixtures, you’ll be choosing an affordable option in lighting design for your business. Our fixtures work best for those in the car wash business, food and beverage industry, or any industrial or exterior lighting where the weather may be a factor. Ensure protection against moisture, water and heavy dust upon installation, in addition to a powerful light source thanks to fluorescent lamps in use. Ask about our bulk buying discounts. Call 217-806-0502 for a quote or consultation today!