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6 Lamp T8 Fluorescent Fixtures

Fluorescent T8 6 lamp high bays can provide over 20,000 hours of light for your business. With a minimum operating temperature of 0 degrees Fahrenheit, our 6 lamp T8 fluorescent fixtures will perform in a variety of industrial settings, such as warehouses, cafeterias, retail and more.

Not only are our prices competitive, but our T8 fluorescent high bay 6 lamp fixtures save energy compared to traditional incandescent light systems. At 32 watts, our units are an energy-efficient alternative to metal halide systems that use 250-400 watts. When you go with our fluorescent T8 6 lamp high bays, you can save your business some money on your energy bill every month.

Order 6 lamp T8 fluorescent lamp fixtures for your business, and your purchase may qualify for our bulk quantity discount! Call Cors Lighting today for details.