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Fluorescent Linear T8 Lamps

High-lumen, low-wattage T8 linear fluorescent tubes provide bright and versatile lighting for a variety of industries. Designed to perform, our fluorescent linear T8 lamps will give your business an average of 24,000 hours of bright light while using less energy than other fluorescent lamps. Many of our fluorescent lamp models contain low mercury levels, which means less risk for your employees and customers.

Cors Lighting stocks energy-saving T8 linear fluorescent lamps in a variety of color temperatures. Matching your fluorescent linear T8 lamps to the unique needs of your retail space, warehouse or workspace has never been easier.

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25W T8 Energy-Saving 830 Color Temperature CFL 25-Pack 25-Pack of 25W T8 835 Color Temperature Fluorescent Lamps 25W T8 Energy-Saving 841 Color Temperature CFL 25-Pack
25-Pack of 25W T8 850 Color Temperature Fluorescent Lamps Howard 32W 3500K 48" High Lumen Neutral White T8 Lamp 25-Pack Howard 32W 4100K 48" High Lumen Cool White T8 Lamp 25-Pack
Howard 32W 5000K 48" High Lumen Day Light T8 Lamp 25-Pack 28W T8 Energy-Saving 835 Color Temperature CFL 25-Pack 25-Pack of 28W T8 841 Color Temp Energy Saver Fluorescent Lamps
28W T8 Energy-Saving 850 Color Temperature CFL 25-Pack