Parking Lot Lighting Poles

Although we cannot list all of our parking lot lighting poles on the website, we do ship poles all across the country. Our poles come in various sizes and heights; 15 foot, 17 foot, 20 foot, 22 foot, 25 foot, 27 foot, 30 foot, 35 foot. Also, they come in 4" square, 5" square, and 6" square steel. Pretty much any height you are needing, we can accommodate.
Additionally, we have various tenons and bullhorns to go on top of the poles. This would allow your parking lot poles to accommodate multiple lights onto one pole. We can also have the poles drilled to allow for using a 6" mounting arm in which the lights would face straight down.

Call us today to discuss your parking lot pole needs at 217-806-0502. We are located in Illinois, but we have recently shipped parking lot poles to California, New York, Texas, North Carolina, Missouri, Georgia, Alabama, and various other states.
These parking lot poles are all custom built and have a lead time of 1-3 weeks.