Sports Field Lighting

Cors Lighting in your one-stop-shop for lighting basketball courts, tennis courts, football fields, volleyball courts, and many other areas. We offer 1000 watt metal halide and 400 watt metal halide for these applications. Most importantly, our lights are adjustable so that you can change the positioning and angling of the light output. We also offer poles and bullhorns to complete your lighting needs. Our lights are comparable to those offered throughout the industry, but one this is different: our prices. You will not find better lighting at a better price, it’s that simple.

We receive many calls from customers who are needing to light up sports fields of various types. Here are a few recommendations:

1) Volleyball courts: Depending on your type of volleyball court, whether it is competitive or recreational, you have a few different options. The top of the line option for lighting this court would be to have 3 1000 watt metal halide flood lights on each side of the court. However, many recreational customers say that this amount of light is simply too much light. Hence it is quite possible that you would be satisfied with 2-4 lights instead of the six lights we previously mentioned.

2) Baseball Little League Fields: We typically recommend a 1500 watt metal halide stadium light for these applications. The number of lights can vary, based on the size of the field, but you would certainly want to use a minimum of 6-10 lights for lighting the entire field. The best way to judge the number of lights you need would be to visit a local lighted field and judge by the number of lights they are using and see if the layout would fit your mold.

3) Outdoor Basketball Court: For this type of court, we would recommend 2-4 of our 1000 watt metal halide flood lights. Again, the level of play will dictate the number of lights you would want to use, but certainly a minimum of 2 lights is desirable for an outdoor basketball court lighting plan.

4) Football Fields: Again, we recommend using our 1500 watt metal halide stadium type lighting. A football field is setup a little bit different than a baseball field or volleyball court, as poles are usually positioned back away from the field. Hence, we would recommend using approximately 8-16 lights to adequately light your football field. And if this is a high school or college football field, you will obviously want to use more lights to simulate a daylight atmosphere on the football field.

If you have questions regarding our lights or need a assistance with your layout, please contact us at 217-806-0502.

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