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Discount LED Light Bulbs With Ameren Incentives

Say goodbye to expensive, short-living fluorescent and halogen light fixtures and earn immediate savings on LED replacement bulbs today! Instant Incentives through the Ameren Illinois Standard Lighting program provide a simple and quick way for Ameren Illinois business customers to purchase energy-efficient lighting. If you’re a DS-2 or DS-3 business or government facility, join our program and receive an instant discount when you buy LED lights online or via participating distributors. You can receive up to 80 percent retail pricing – one of many incentives you can’t get anywhere else.

This rebate program offers an extensive array of fixtures for your commercial or industrial building. Offerings on T5 and T8 LED lamps give you tens of thousands of hours of use, without breaking the bank with energy bills and maintenance costs. Only members can get these highly popular lighting fixtures at such an affordable price. Joining is completely no hassle as there is no application or paperwork required. Don’t miss another LED bulb offer; join the Ameren Savings Program today!