What type of light do you recommend for tennis courts and volleyball courts?

For tennis courts and volleyball courts, we recommend using 1000 watt metal halide flood lights. While mounting heights may vary, an average mounting height for these applications is 20-25 feet in the air.

We have two different mounting options available for the 1000 watt metal halide flood lights. The first option is to use a slipfitter mounting bracket. This bracket can slide over the top of a round pipe/conduit of 2 inches to 2 3/8 inches in outside diameter. Compression screws on the side of the slipfitter are screwed in and this holds the entire light fixture into place. The second type of mounting bracket is a wall mount/u-bracket. This type of bracket is roughly the size of a human hand shaped into a ā€œUā€. This bracket is typically used when mounting lights to the side of a building or to a wooden pole. Lag bolts or all-thread are often used when mounting with a u-bracket.

The number of lights to use for a volleyball or tennis court varies. For competitive use, we recommend 3 lights on each side of a regulation sized court. For recreational lighting on a tennis court or volleyball court, it is possible to adequately light the area with a total of 2 to 4 lights.

If you require assistance with a lighting plan, please contact us at 217-806-0502.

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