What type of security wall pack lights should I choose?

We have a variety of wall pack security lights to choose from. Our most popular wattage is the 150 watt metal halide wall pack light. This type of light is often used as a wall mount light on a commercial building, machine buildings, Morton buildings, doctors offices, etc. This 150 watt metal halide wall pack light fixture is also one of the most common styles of lights used in car wash bays. The durability, bright white color of light, and maintenance free style are what make the light so appealing to car wash bays and other buildings where bright lights are needed.

We also have other styles of lights, including the 84 watt CFL Compact Fluorescent Wall Pack Light Fixture, which is manufactured by Howard Lighting. This light offers energy savings and a compact design to mount on the side of your commercial, industrial or farm building. Many customers like this style of light to achieve a quality amount of light while only using 84 watts of electricity. This is often used in applications where the lights are on every night.

What type of light do you recommend for tennis courts and volleyball courts?